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Sharks In Your Mouth

Band: Sharks In Your Mouth
Country: Italy
Genre: Metalcore/Djent
Label: Unsigned
E-mail: siym@hotmail.it
Mobile: +39 389 840 5848 Andy
Mobile: +39 348 521 3259 Bobo
Italy Booking Manager: pyoherobooking@gmail.com Alberto



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• 2.500.000+ organic views on “Lose Yourself” in less than three
months (about 10k views per day) on Youtube.
- 130.000+ organic views for “This Is Gonna Hurt”
- 150.000+ organic views for “The Covenant”
- 40.000+ organic views for the latest single “Marked”

Spotify: between 30.000 / max 85.000 Monthly Listeners
- Streams: 1.200.000+
- Featured on Spotify’s official editorial playlists “Metalcore” and “New Metal Tracks” with 4 singles.
- Spotify playlists : 22.000+

Youtube: 26.000+ Subscribers, 3.150.000+ Views
Facebook: 8000 + Organic Likes
Instagram: 8000+ Followers
Twitter: 14000 + Followers
Shazam: 2500 + Shazam


Tour History:

• 22-30/11/2015 Russian Headliner Tour
• 07-13/07/2017 Latvia Headliner Tour
• 16-22/07/2018 Ukrainian Headliner Tour

We toured/shared the stage with : While She Sleeps, August Burns Red, We Came As Romans, Hacktivist, Sienna Skies, Here Comes The Kraken, Suicide Silence, Carnifex, Black Tongue and many more...



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Direct download link:
Sharks In Your Mouth - Sacrilegious



Sharks In Your Mouth is a Metalcore/Djent band formed in 2011,in the light of a new genre just landed in the Italian underground music
They start to gain experience in the local music scene with the sounds and classical references of the first wave of "core" music.
In 2012 they released their first EP "Rinse your mouth before you speak"
In 2014 signs to Kreative Klan Records releasings two singles: “No Apologies” and “Everything Ends”.

After the short collaboration with this label they took some time to write and record the first Full Length “Promises” released in late 2016 with Myo Agency.
The album features many great vocal guests like Aaron Matts from Betraying The Martyrs, Ryan Kirby from Fit For a King and Carlo Knöpfel from Breakdown Of Sanity.
In the meantime they release a cover of "One Step Closer" by Linkin Park gaining some notoriety.

In November 2015 they tour in Russia supporting We Came As Romance, claiming a great response from the shows as you can watch in the live video shooted for “Insanity”.
After a short break they come back in studio to record a live session of the acoustic song “Forgive”, always keeping a high intensity of live performing.
In 2017 they start the writing process of their second full length and release the single for “The Covenant” while on tour in Latvia supporting August Burns Red and While She Sleeps as final show in their italian scene comeback.

In 2018 The band is getting ready to drop the new album with a whole new sound when a sudden change of lineup slows them down. They decide to drop a new single called “This is gonna hurt” and a cover song for Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’, those 2 singles marks the rise of the band on the world metal scene, with a huge acclaim from Spotify’s editorial playlists the band surpassed over 4 million plays in 10 months.
Ukraine is the next tour they jump in, with the last show at the Faine Misto Festival as opening act for The Rasmus, Tarya Turunen and more...
Back to Italy it’s time to release their latest single for “Marked”, another great success made for let their fan base hear the new “djenty” sound.
Never taking a break from live shows the boys continued to tour Italy doing over 50 shows in a season and meeting on the road bands as Caliban, Lionheart and Bad Omens.
The Sharks has finished to record the new album, with a mature and unique sound.



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2016 ALBUM: Promises